A.I. TV & Radio Broadcasting

24 Hour Live TV

The 24-hour live TV stream is the perfect solution for any event that needs to be broadcasted. With our cloud software, you can upload videos and have them played at your leisure - whether it's during business hours or after sunset!

24 Hour Live Radio

Radio is a great way to get your voice heard. 24-hour live radio allows you the opportunity for global exposure with few restrictions on content or timing! If broadcasting isn't an option, uploadable podcasts make sure that people everywhere can hear what's happening in real time.

Broadcast To Social Media

Broadcast To Social Media - You can easily connect your signal to most social media networks with a few clicks of the button. With so many hosting options available, you'll have no problem keeping up!

Sell Ads & Airtime

You can sell ads and airtime with all our cloud hosting options. With a few clicks, you'll be able to create an ad campaign that will reach thousands of people online!

Great for Businesses

Let AI Do The Work

Do you want to take your business or product online? Have a broadcasting platform that will market it 24/7 around the world!

64% of consumers are more likely to purchase something with a video representation, so why not have one on your website. Connect all social media channels in order for people to see what they’re buying right when they come into contact-and this is possible thanks to AI technology.

Cloud Broadcasting

Cloud broadcasting is a great way for you to get your content out there and make it available on any device. You can use our included software, or if need be hire someone who knows what they are doing!

AI Content Management

The content management system (CMS) in AI is simple and intuitive to use. You can arrange your content the way you want without any limitations, which makes it a perfect tool for those who are just getting started with their station!

AI Scheduling

With AI Scheduling, you can have peace of mind that your content will always be seen or heard. Whether it's one file or 1,000 files - our intelligent playlist scheduler ensures 24/7 streaming for all audiences on any device!

Sell Ads & Airtime

This is the perfect match for those who want to take advantage of innovative marketing strategies. With our comprehensive content management software, you can easily manage your clients' and advertisers' information with ease!

Broadcast Live

Broadcast live from your computer with a simple click of the button. Connect any major software like OBS or Sam Broadcaster and you're set to go! We even provide video tutorials to show you how to connect them!

Connect Social Media

Make your livestream event more interactive and engaging by connecting popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram will allow people from all over the world see what’s going on live with ease.

Great for Traffic

Get More Traffic on Your Website

Need more traffic on your website? With LIVE content, people are watching videos for longer periods of time! U.S adults now spend nearly 6 hours per day viewing video and the span (5:57) represents an 11-minute increase with TV-connected devices alone according to Nielsen stats—so what better way than having high-quality original programming that’s updated daily?

You’ll be able to reach out wider audience without cable or satellite packages by streaming your live content online as well which has been steadily growing each year since 2017 when it was estimated at around 3%.

More viewers mean higher conversion rates. The most-watched videos on Facebook generate a 2x greater engagement than the average livestream, according to one study by Deloitte (2018). That’s why it pays off for businesses with LIVE content!

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